Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Levelling Up early vs Levelling up late

In Batheo , when ever you level up you gain access to higher technologies and upgrade your heroes to higher levels. On the flip side as you level up the laurels you get from npcs and legion runs goes low.  This is why you must decide correctly which time is best for leveling up and go forward to the next level area.

Advantages of leveling up early
1) You will gain access to more advanced technologies.
2) You can upgrade your formation (and prestige) to recruit more heroes in the battle(Max 5 heroes)
3) Get more prestige by beating enemy players(PvP).
4) With upgraded techs beating npc's becomes more easy.
5) With high level training ground you can train your heroes to higher level and also equip them with higher level items.
6) With higher level Training Ground and assembly you can further renascence the heroes.
7) With higher level assembly you gain new types of building and more cottages.
8) With higher level cottages you get more drachmas from levy.
9) Better mines and farmland yields.
10) If area prosperity level of the high level area is too low , you will get more prestige by investing low amount of drackmas.

Now the Disadvantages of leveling up early

1) The main disadvantage is when you level up your assembly you start getting less amount of drachmas from npcs and legion runs. Now if you start getting very low, you wont be able too renascence the heroes or wash them properly. This is the single most important factor that most good players do not level up too early. Renascence and washing are too most important factors that makes the hero stronger. So , don't go to higher level area until all your main heroes are renascence and washing to their maximum.
2) In high level area you encounter many high level enemies who are already there earlier than you. So if your heroes are not strong and your equipments are not upgraded properly you will be attacked every now and then.
3) Prestige gain may drop because you wont be able to hit the same enemies  that you used to hit everyday in the lower level.
4) less prestige from area battle (initially) . When you move to higher level area you will encounter higher level players in area battle. Also they they are supposed to be more experienced players. Chances are their that you will die in the very first battle and gain low amount of prestige.
5) Chances of getting colonized. If your are not very strong chances are high that you will get colonized immediately after  you move to higher level area. If you move in winter then you will get 1 day to upgrade yourself .
6)You will also loose all the colonies you had in the lower level area when you change the area.
7) Chances are less that you will get good mines, since all players in your area are higher than you and have better techs.

  Guidelines for upgrading levels at correct time.
1) You must upgrade your weapons and clocks and mounts to maximum levels and all other other equipments like horns to a descent level before you move to higher level area.
2) Wait until your favorite target enemy(s) moves to next area. When you see your everyday favorite target enemy has moved to upper level area you also move there. That way you will be able to continue hitting them everyday. ;)
3) Check if there are enough number of soft targets in your area from your faction. Chances will be higher that you will be able to colonize some players.
4) Check the area prosperity level of your area and the higher level area. Area prosperity level is a key factor of how much amount of drackmas you gain from levies. If the Area prosperity level of the high level area is too low than your current area , the gain in levy amount will not be very high even with higher level cottages. In that  case wait for few more days, until area prosperity of the higher level area increases to a descent amount. Low area prosperity can be an advantage for you if you invest for prestige. You will be able to move to that area for few days , invest there and gain some prestige and move back to low level area. But beware, if you level up your assembly you will have to stay in the high level area permanently.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

What is Binding of Items in Batheo

In Batheo , item binding is a feature to prevent you form selling an item by accident. It is the only purpose of binding an item. A bound item can not be sold unless you unbind that item and unbinding takes 3days to complete. Some players see it as an unnecessary feature, they think that "Why should i sell a valuable item by accident?" . But yes , accidents happen. When you have many items and fragments in your chest which you don't want to sell and also get 20 items from commissions or daily quest which you want to sell quickly before going to bed, you may end up selling a valuable item by mistake. This is why it is necessary to bind items and frags .
Another necessity of binding items is when you share your account with another player.Think of a situation that, You have given your account info to your trusted friend to take the mine when you are at office. Now he opens your chest and thinks the 11/20 laevatinin frags are unnecessarily wasting space in your chest. He decides to sell it for you. Binding will prevent him from doing so.

To bind an item go to chest and select the item that you want to bind then click the Bind button.

To unbind an item select the item and click Unbind. Unbinding takes 3 days to complete and you can not sell or degrade that item in those 3 days. You can even choose to cancel unbinding in those three days.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to recruit and dismiss heroes in Batheo

In batheo MMO , You can recruit heroes as well as dismiss existing heroes. When ever you recruit a hero you have to pay the recruitment fee in Drachmas.
To recruit a hero you must have space for the new hero in your Training ground.

1) go to Academy

2) Open the recruitable tab. Here you will see the list of recruitable heroes. You can click each hero to check his/her base attributes, troop type , battle magic and recruitment fees. select any hero and click the green recruit button. The Recruitment fees of that hero will be deducted from your vault.

How to dismiss a hero :
Again go to training ground  then select Formation tab. Then select the hero whom you want to dismiss and click the green dismiss button.

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How to make your heroes stronger in Batheo

In Batheo MMO, the amount of damage you can inflict on your enemy is based on many factors. Essentially these factors can be summed up as:
Hero's stats + Hero's level + Troop Grade + Equipment's Grade/Color + Tech Level + Formation + Hero's Troop Type + Faculty + Prestige Rank
Yes, it's a huge list of variables but that's what makes the game more dynamic and interesting. There are many ways to enhance these factors -

1. Hero's stats:
Every hero has some starting or base attributes. The higher the relevant base attributes of a hero, the higher is the damage output/damage taken. Normally, prestige heroes have better base stats than expedition/starter heroes. Later expedition maps(like Tartarus map and beyond) offer better heroes than even most of the prestige heroes. Base stats can be enhanced by washing attributes.

2. Hero's level:
You can increase the heroes' level by training them in the Training Ground. Obviously, a hero with a higher level will be able to wear higher level equipment and will have higher faculty & troop grade and will fight better.

3. Troop Grade:
When you train a hero, along with the Hero's level, the Hero's Troop Grade also increases. Every time the Hero's level increases by 1.6, Troop Grade increases by 1. Troop Grade can be increased further, when you renascence a hero and train him back. Check this post on how to renascence a hero. In the image the Troop Grade of the hero is underlined. The hero has been renascenced 5 times to achieve this Troop Grade. Often, you may notice that heroes of your opponents (of same or lower Hero levels) beating you down. One of the reasons is that the enemies' heroes have a higher Troop Grade than your heroes.

4. Equipment's Grade/Color:
This is one of most essential factors of a hero's strength. A hero will fight and defend a lot better when he has good equipments. A level 60 player with poor equipment can easily be defeated by a level 40 player with good equipment. Equipment grade can be increased by enhancing them at the Shop. Regarding equipment color, a purple equipment is better than a red equipment and a red equipment is better than an yellow equipment and so on. Here is the order -

Purple > Red > Yellow > Green > Blue > White

Also, pick your heroes according to the equipment you have and those that you are planning to get. For example, if you do not have good books, there is no point in recruiting/training elemental heroes. Similarly, if you have great weapon (for example, a purple spear), then you should consider deploying a mechanical hero; if you have a great mount, then your should deploy a B.M. hero.

5. Tech level:
Increasing the tech levels also boost the fighting capability of your heroes to a great extent.

Note: Good players do not move to the next level area(for eg., from level 60 area to level 80 area) until they have maximized the Heroes' Troop Grade/Level/Stats, Equipment Grade/Color and Tech Level.

6. Formation:
Each formation helps the heroes to strengthen a unique attribute. Suppose, if you have more valor heroes then you should play with Lochoi formation; if you have more heroes with B.M. attacks you should play with Boar's Head formation, etc. Increasing formation levels lets you deploy more heroes into battlefield(5 heroes max.) How to deploy 5 heroes in the battle

7. Hero's Troop Type:
Each troop type has a unique specialty. For example, Pezhetairoi troop type(eg., Heracles) has a high valor hit against cavalry. For a detailed list of troop type bonus, refer to this.

8. Faculty:
A hero fights until his faculty turns to zero in the battle . So, increasing faculty is a very good way to make your hero survive longer rounds and do better damage. Check this post on how to increase the faculty of heroes.

9. Prestige Rank:
When you cross M40 rank (500,000 prestige), with every rank you gain bonus to the attack and defense by 5% alternatively.

These are factors which greatly boost the performance of your heroes in the battlefield.

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Why not to use Aide auto levy in batheo

In Batheo , when you levy every time the loyalty decreases by 1. As the loyalty decreases, the amount of Drachmas you gain from levy also decreases. To compensate this loyalty , batheo publishes many levy events and in each levy event there are 2 options to choose from. Each option gives you different types of award. The main problem with auto levy is, it may or may not choose the best option for you to keep the loyalty up.
For example ,  lets look at the event

Running into Deserter
• Arrest him. Loyalty +8
• Execute him. Drachmas + (Assembly Lv*15)

clearly when your loyalty is low then option 1 is better to choose.

Another event example
Man in Mask
option 1) Have him arrested and interrogated. Loyalty +7
option 2) Spy on him. Gold +5
The first option will increase the loyalty by 7 and the 2nd will give you 5 gold. Clearly , the second option is much better.

Now, with manual levy you can choose the option that suits you most. There is a great list of every events and the results in this list here Levy events. You can select the answer that suits the most .
Autolevy Screen
With Auto levy you have to choose either option 1 or option 2 for all events . If you select  2nd option you may miss all loyalty bonus and   end up decreasing your loyalty to a very low value or even 0. At that time the income from levy will greatly decrease. If you select option1 the your loyalty will go on increseing (upto 100) but you will miss the gold and prestige bonus.

This is why veteran players hate to do auto levy  and do it manually so that they can choose the option that suits best.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What are Spirit, Valor and Element in Batheo?

Every batheo hero has three attributes - Valor, Spirit And Element. These 3 attributes help the heroes in attacking/defending against the corresponding attributes. For example, if a mechanical hero(valor based) has a starting stats of 62/51/51, 62 corresponds to his valor attack/defense and 51 corresponds to his defense against spirit/element based attacks. These stats can be enhanced by renascence and attribute wash.

Valor heroes:
Valor heroes have their attacks based on their valor. The specialty of valor heroes is that they have no morale, hence they dont need any bugler/dancer to support them increase morale in battlefield(thus saving a lot of space in formation). Thus, irrespective of who they have around, they can deliver good damage every round. These heroes use the power of their weapons while attacking.

In the picture you can notice that the B.M. field (marked with red) is blank, which means Odysseus does not have any Battle Magic. Also, take a look at the Troop type: Trojan Horse. These two signal that Odysseus is a pure Valor hero. Valor heroes have more valor defense against valor attacks due to their high valor attributes. You should wash the valor attributes of valor heroes to increase their attack.

1. Can do a good amount of damage in every round , don't need help of other heroes like buglers or Nymph Dancers.
2. High valor defense.
1. Valor attacks normally do less damage than spirit attacks.
2. Infantry units(those who hold a sword/spear and fight standing on the ground) can block their attacks. Assume Heracles can deal 400 damage on Odysseus and Odysseus can deal 600 damage on Heracles. Now, when Odysseus' attack on Heracles is blocked, Heracles takes no damage and Odysseus takes 400 damage.

Spirit heroes:
Spirit heroes are the ones who have their attacks based on their spirit attribute. The speciality of spirit heroes is that they can use Battle Magic in their attacks. Battle Magic is popularly known as BM. BM is unleashed only when the "Morale" of the hero reaches 100 or is higher. The higher the morale, higher is the damage they inflict. At that time, spirit heroes unleash the spirit attack which is very devastating and does a lot of damage to the enemy.

For spirit attack, these heroes use the power of their mount(horse). Thus if you give a very high spirited mount to your hero he will be very happy and will deal a lot of damage. When the morale of the hero is less than 100, they deal valor based attacks using their weapon(sword), so giving them a decent weapon along with the mount will be a good idea. You have to employ supporting heroes like Nymph Dancers and/or Buglers and/or Military Bands to boost his morale so that the spirit hero always stays at high Morale. Also, morale of a hero increases by 34 whenever the hero successfully deals/takes a normal attack(valor based). If you are sure you can keep the morale of the hero above 100 every round, you may skip the weapon for this kind of hero.

They can deliver devastating damage when the morale is very high(above 100).
1. You need morale boosting heroes like buglers and nymph dancers to boost the morale of the spirit hero. These morale boosting heroes themselves can not do any damage, their only purpose is to boost the morale of the spirit hero and perform the role of "meat shields" protecting the spirit heroes.
2. They may not fire the spirit attack in every round.
3. Mounted Heroes(Heroes who ride horses, dragons, etc.) can dodge these attacks. For example, when a group BM hero like Pandora unleashes her BM(Pandora's curse), if Ares(Crossbow Cavalry) stands in front of her and dodges her attack, then no troop from Ares' side take any damage, thus putting the BM of Pandora to waste while wasting her morale.

Element heroes:

Element based heroes are the ones whose troop type is some mage or pyromancer or healers(Asclepius). They use book for their attack. They dont have morale and hence they fire in every round(like valor based heroes). These type of heroes are not very popular because good books are not very easy to get but can be unstoppable when fully equipped.

Unlike swords which can drop from NPCs or mounts which can be commissioned, best of books can only be obtained from daily quests by spending a considerable amount of gold. Elemental attacks cannot be blocked/dodged, instead all elemental based heroes have a percentage chance to fail irrespective of whom they face in battle.

1. They don't have morale so they can fire in every round.
2. They do not "donate" morale to enemy spirit heroes thus enemy spirit heroes take more rounds to do their BM attack.
3. Healers save a lot of crops and can make sure your heroes survive longer rounds of battle.
1. Weak defense against spirit and valor attacks.
2. Good books (purple and red books) are not easily available. You can not get red or purple books unless you are a VIP player and can spend gold in daily quests.

General Defense Guidelines:
1. You need good armors to defend against valor based attacks.
Also, you need to improve armorforging at academy for better defense against valor based attacks.
2. You need good cloaks to defend against spirit based attacks.
Also, you need to improve magic resistance at academy for better defense against spirit based attacks.
3. You have no gears to defend against element based attacks.
Hence, improving elemental resistance at academy is the only way to defend against element based attacks better.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to get more laurels in Batheo

In Batheo , there are two ways to get laurels, by defeating the npc's and completing the daily quests.

The most effective way to get laurels is to defeating npcs and  takeing part in legion battles. Legion battles gives you more laurels than normal npc's. The key point of getting more laurels from legion battles is to keeping your assembly level as low as possible.  In order to get more laurels it is most essential that you do not levelup very quickly . For example, defeating the NPC legion in Beasts in the Wilderness before/at Lv 27, you can get more than 400 laurels; otherwise, you get less than 400 laurels. 
Most good Batheo players will maximise all his or most of his equipments before leveling up. With better equipments you will still be able to defeat the npcs and at the same time you will gain more laurels since you are at low assembly level. Use this extra laurels for Renascence the hero and washing them. That way your heroes will become stronger and you will be able to defeat players and npcs 20 levels higher than your level.

Another good source of laurels is the Daily quests  In daily quests , the quests are marked with stars .Always try to select and complete quests with more stars.For example a daily quest with 4 stars will give you 960 laurels but a three star quest will give you 800 laurels.
 Daily quests starts on Monday of every week , you can do 6 daily quests everyday. As you go completing quests the stars increase yielding more laurels everyday.

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